Why Could Not Red and White Bedroom Be Ignored?

Red and white bedroom are not too common yet neutral choice. Some might not be bold to make some experiments with colors, so to avoid any errors, red and white are the two colors which are really suggested. Even these colors can go well with other ornaments and decorations shaped and painted in different colors. Some hesitant to add bedroom stuffs that do not come in red or white just because it would not look nice. But have you given yourself a try? Red is categorized as a warm color, and painting or adding it to some decorations could probably make a bold statement in every corner. Lucky we are, red is chosen as one of favorite colors for people’s bedroom recently. With red chosen for walls, friends even family would love to see it.

The combination of red and white

red and white room


There are rooms suit only with red as an accent, while others are perfect with red as a dominant color. Red and white decorations are nice not only for bedrooms but also living rooms. The combination of both presents a warm nuance as well as lively atmosphere. You will not regret if once you fall for red and white colors as these two are the counterpart which could not be separated. They will look together. It is because white portrays the calmness, while red describe boldness. No wondering they would complement each other.

Why don’t we have black?

black bedroom


Aside white, there is black. Well, some people might not agree to add black color to walls or bedroom stuffs since they think that this color will bring gloomy atmosphere yet somehow quit spooky. As we know, black is related with darkness and sadness. But don’t you know that black, if it is combined with other colors—for instance, red—could give comfortable feelings and dramatic atmosphere by producing a classical color? If white is chosen to calm the room because of strong effect induced by the combination of red and black, then a modern nuance and look is created by the mixture of red and black rooms.

When black, red and white blended

black red white bedroom


It is possible today to blend black with red and white bedroom. The first thing to do is to set your goal and purpose. A bedroom is a safe and comfortable place to take a rest and sleep. So decide carefully what you want to do with your bedroom and what kind of atmosphere trying to create. Red, white and black are different colors. Make sure these colors complement each other and could reach your goal. Next, keep in mind that red is a bold color. It looks good as a feature wall color. So paint the walls behind a vanity or dresser or the backdrop with red. Third, black is ‘always’ against white but it looks nice seen together. Black presents stylish, modern and sophisticated atmosphere. Fourth, let your bedroom has white combined with red and black. It creates cheerful and bright atmosphere. The last, it is fine to add some accessories and decorations in other different colors to neutralize the red, white and black bedroom. For example, you may have soft butter or marigold for the walls of red and white bedroom.

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