Unique and Unusual Wall Art Design

Wall art design is needed when you try to decorate your room or your house. As we all know, the wall is the most important part in the room that needs to be decorated. Wall is such a huge space and if you leave the wall blank, the room will feel blank as well. There are many methods to decorate the wall such as by painting it, covering it with wallpapers, hanging wall art and many more. Now, we are going to talk about how to decorate your wall with wall art. There are so many wall art designs that you can use to decorate your wall and below are five of them.

1. Unique Mask

unusual wall art


If you want to have unusual wall art, you can use mask to decorate your wall. Mask is very artistic and they have beautiful shapes as well. You can choose any kinds of mask that you love like unique Japanese mask with of white smiling face, tribal mask for your wall if you have safari theme or rustic theme, you can also hang classic masquerade mask or Venetian mask for your wall. Arrange them neatly by placing them across the wall.

2. Tree Stumps

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Do you have an old tree on the yard and plan to get rid of it? Well then, do not throw the tree stump away. You can make a beautiful wall art from tree stump. If you slice the tree stump, you will end up with a kind of disc from the tree stump. They are not in the same size and that is why if you arrange them neatly on the wall, it can be a really beautiful decoration for the room. You can always pre paint the tree stump with any color that you love.

3. Shabby Chic Mirror

Wall art design


If your house is using the theme of vintage or shabby chic, then have a shabby chic mirror for your room. Shabby chic mirror is very beautiful and well-crafted. The frame is usually completed by floral crafting and the stunning soft pastel color on the frame will add an extra beauty for the wall. If your house is not too large, this wall art will be great for your room because mirror can make a room looks bigger.

4. Framed Painting

wall art designs


If your room is huge and you have large walls, you need wall art ideas for large wall. The best idea here is probably a framed painting. A framed painting can be available in many sizes including the big ones to cover up your wall. To choose the picture on the painting, you need to consider the theme of your house. If the theme of your house is beach theme, then the framed painting can have the picture of the ocean or the beach as well. The frame needs to be adjusted as well so that it will not look like a boring rectangular frame. Wall art design like this can help you making the room better and making the house more livable.

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