Top 7 Questions about Oakwood Homes

Oakwood homes are commonly known in property business. People consider them as place for living with family. Some of them offer luxurious types, while other offers the simple one. Oakwood homes always innovates the design to be purposeful and efficient. They use local manufacturers, resources and materials. Although offering the luxury housing, Oakwood homes try to be accessible and easily to customize based on the budget. Besides Oakwood homes, there is also Oakwood apartment which can be an option for you to choose your house. Even if you want to have historic Oakwood homes for sale, you can contact it. Here are some questions about Oakwood homes and Oakwood apartment.

What is Oakwood?

Oakwood homes


Here it is Oakwood Worldwide, an international real estate company of Oakwood homes. It offers hospitality as well. It provides housing and apartments. This corporate company proposes furnished apartments, homes and condominiums. They are ideal for business or for home living. The greatest deal with this Oakwood house is that their signature furniture. There are many kinds of Oakwood homes models. Many units are tendered to the guest or the customer.

Oakwood has already managed over 50 housing companies in the world wide. Their brand names such as Oakwood Residence, Oakwood Premier and Oakwood Apartment. Aside for the Oakwood homes prices, the hospitality of their staff and services are great. They provide excellent amenities as well. The facilities will comfort you to stay longer. Oakwood has spread Oakwood homes in all around the world. It has many locations in North American. Many Oakwood homes models are throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and America. This business was established since 1960. Oakwood provides the best service for customers around the world.

What are the differences between Oakwood homes models offers?

Oakwood homes models


In every country and city in which Oakwood homes are, guests are welcome. Even in Oakwood apartment which over the best hospitality service, you can expect the best standards of apartment. Reservation will guide the guests and customers about the Oakwood homes floor plans, Oakwood homes prices list, Oakwood homes models and the location which suits the need.

Oakwood apartment is one of the companies managed by Oakwood. You can get commercial or unfurnished apartments. Moreover, the hospitality staff will welcome you on site. Oakwood Corporate Housing offers residential apartments. With the signature furniture and service are ready for the guests. These Oakwood homes are only available in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Oakwood residence has combinations of large space of private home which is so comfortable. This Oakwood homes have service and security just like in a hotel. For example, you can find 24 hours receptionist, daily housekeeping, airport pickup, restaurant and wonderful home furniture. The locations are in Asia Pacific. Oakwood premier combines the most graceful magnificent apartment with five star hotels. These are designed for international traveler. These properties can be found in Asia Pacific as well.

What is the difference between Oakwood homes floor plans and a hotel?

Oakwood homes floor plans


Just like Oakwood homes, Oakwood housing provides large spaces, beautifully decorated and furnished apartment. This apartment is much bigger than any common and extended hotel rooms. The atmosphere is just like when you are having Oakwood homes floor plans. The atmosphere is different from any hotel. Oakwood apartment has Oakwood homes models which can be categorized as the finest apartment in town. They have full kitchen, separate dining room, living room and bedroom. You can also find a washer and dryer in each unit. For personal facilities, you can have health club and swimming pools. These facilities make the atmosphere more luxury and simplicity. You can feel as comfort as being at home.

What is the difference between Oakwood and other companies?

Oakwood homes models


Oakwood homes always improve their innovation and service in corporate housing. Their selection and value are leading in this business. They even offer additional hour telephone, reservation by email and customer service in 24 hours. They guarantee the guests satisfaction from domestic and also international standards.

Oakwood is one of the largest apartment industries. With different Oakwood homes models, it offers over 15,000 units around the world. Oakwood is the only housing company who own and manage its own buildings. Even it has satellite units. If the guests want to stay, Oakwood will help to place them in the right building and of course with excellent service. That’s why the Oakwood homes prices are a bit different as well.

Oakwood also has further facilities to provide more innovation to guests’ needs. For instance, they centralize the billing, customize the furniture, even personal service onsite. The finest services are offered in all locations. Oakwood apartment is a great choice to stay away from your Oakwood homes.

What is included in an Oakwood homes?

Oakwood homes prices


Different with any kind of housing company, Oakwood homes have furnished all the units with all the items the guests may need. So the guest will be more comfortable staying there. Oakwood homes models grant furniture, linen, house wares, electronic appliances, and decorations on the wall. A big screen TV is provided in each apartment. All the telephone service, utilities, and cable TV are counted together in your rental fees. However, for international phone calls and requested furniture are not listed in rental fees. The housekeeping will come weekly is optional. It’s based on the location. For the Oakwood homes prices, in North America, you should pay additional for this. While in the United Kingdom and Asia, the housekeeping service has already included in rental fees.

What size Oakwood homes models do you have available?

Oakwood homes prices


The size depends on the Oakwood homes models. In each location, Oakwood homes offer many kinds of one or two bedrooms. Both of types have kitchen and separate living room and sleeping area. Three bedrooms and even studio can be found in some locations. Oakwood homes floor plans size is various. However, Oakwood always tenders the biggest space apartment in city. Average Oakwood homes floor plans will be about 600 – 1200 square feet. Special request can be asked too.

What are Oakwood homes prices?

Oakwood homes prices list


The Oakwood homes prices list may different in each locations. In Oakwood apartments, they have minimum stay which is 30 days. Of course, the price will be not the same as Oakwood mobile home prices. The price lists are available in each location. You just need to call the customer service.

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