Tips to be Constructing the Bamboo House

Bamboo house today becomes the most referred for home model. Bamboo not only becomes the decorative element, but now it is the main material in the structure of a building. The bamboo material has the high strength and the high elasticity. Therefore, it can be used as the substitute for the building that made of wood or steel.

The bamboo plan view

bamboo plan view


Making bamboo plan view is the most important starting. The design of the house of bamboo must be started with the concept of the family and the number of the member. The mass of the building bamboo houses is divided into three important areas. The first part is the east building. East building is the private area for the parents. The second area is the opened space. The space is fulfilled with bench in the middle of the house. This area is for public and the shared area. And the last is the third area. The third area is the western building. This space is for the children area, so it is semiprivate area. The concept of the physical appearance of this building is based on the layout of the building mass itself. And it is adapted by the presence of trees and plants due to the process of bamboo house construction.

The bamboo construction ideas

bamboo construction ideas


The bamboo construction ideas led to the lean concept of the building. The east building and the west building stand alone. All of the sleeping rooms are on the top floor, so the privacy can be maintained well. In the ground floor, there are guest room, dining room, pantry, and a large kitchen. The second mass on the ground floor is connected with the opened space completed with bamboo housing kits. The connection among the room on the ground floor is designed without separation of walls or doors. Thus, the member of the family can be freely open to the house and come to each room.

The bamboo building techniques

bamboo building techniques


The bamboo building techniques is using the bamboo bridges and also the bamboo poles that intact as the floor. The beam of the house is using the bolt technique. To the upper floor, a second mass of buildings connected by a bamboo bridge which is also designed open. The bridge is planned to be given a roof covering with tent structures. The open space is designed in order to create a connection and harmony between interior and exterior space. by seeing the bamboo house construction it can be seen that bamboo house leads the green architecture, use the concept of recycle and the material as the innovation can be integrated with the waste material that produced the architecture than is environmentally friendly.

The material for house of bamboo

bamboo housing kits


Unlike a tree in a clear cut, bamboo can be harvested every 3 years and continuously growing. So that it can rapidly renewable. Bamboo is a renewable material and sustainable. Bamboo is very easy to obtain. In terms of cost, bamboo is cheaper while in terms of implementation, bamboo can also be easily processed into various kinds of building materials. The best bamboo for construction is rope bamboo, lear bamboo, temen bamboo, and petung and gombong bamboo.

The process for bamboo for construction

bamboo house construction


Before the bamboo for building is used, the bamboo plant will pass some process. Bamboo preserved by soaking with a mixture of 5% chemicals and 95% water for 14 days, and then dried. Mostly, bamboo is processed into building materials are done directly on the building site. But there also are first processed in the workshop for manufacturing panels of woven bamboo flooring and bamboo for the wall. The application of bamboo house construction in residents may be various. The east building mass and the mass of the West building are using only bamboo as the main structure as well as a wall charger. The bamboo with diameter of 10-12 cm is inserted into the column structure, and then it is given a cast iron reinforcement and concrete. This bamboo can reduce the amount of concrete cast up to 50%. This technique is called bamboocrete.

In building the bamboo house, the home owner must concern about 5 things mentioned above. The knowledge about the bamboo material is important to make success in building the house of bamboo. There are 2 things that must be focus on building the bamboo house.

Choose the right location

building bamboo houses


Standing bamboo for building is selecting the appropriate location for the bamboo house. The location chosen should be a location close to shade trees. It is intended to give more natural impression on your bamboo house. The bamboo housing kits must be concerned too as well in order to run the construction well.

Select the appropriate material

bamboo for building


Once you determine the location of the bamboo for building, the next step is to choose the materials that you are going to be used. Choose the material goods that have a high level of durability at an affordable price. Some of the main materials you will need for bamboo house construction are bamboo, roofs and flooring material. To support the natural ambience in your bamboo house, it is recommended you use a roof made from palm leaves knitted or palm leaves. If all the materials have been determined, the next step is to determine the supplier for any materials needed. Choose a supplier that is close to your home construction site. It is intended to simplify the process of transporting the material to the construction site home.

In this modern era, bamboo house is one of the most popular alternatives can be used to give the natural and fresh impression to the house. Especially for people who live in urban, the concept of house of bamboo will give the natural life and the concept back to nature. To get the natural impact, the design of the house of bamboo can be completed with the vintage furniture or the secondhand material such as roof, steel, metal that designed as well to fulfill the design interior of the house. By doing this, you can save more money to design the house at least 30%.

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