Tips for Yellow and Grey Room

Yellow and grey happens to be good combination of colour which can be applied in a room Yellow as one of the light colours offer particular look and ambiance which refers to something sunny and cheerful. Hence, when it is applied in the room it can enliven the atmosphere. Meanwhile, grey colour is not only the usual combination from white and black colours but also serve as the hottest neutral shade. This colour is also quite versatile to be combined with various colours. Yellow and grey as an example is considered as favourite combination since it can gives balance look in for interior. Here, some tips that you can use to create yellow and grey room.

Choose the dominant colour

yellow and grey kitchen


When using the combination of colour in an interior people can choose whether they want to use both of the equally or use each of them as dominant colour. However, the majority of combination often takes one colour as the dominant one. When it comes to yellow and grey combination, grey is most likely chosen for the dominant since it is neutral shade. Besides, using yellow as dominant colour can be too bright. However, it does not mean that you can use it as the dominant one. For instance, in yellow and grey kitchen, if you want to make the yellow colour look stronger, you can equip the kitchen with yellow kitchen set and cabinet.

Decide the accent colour

yellow and gray decorating ideas


When you have decided the dominant colour, another colour automatically will become the accent colour. Wall is important part of a room which can be applied by both dominant and accent colour. There are many ways to create an accent in the wall. If you have painted the wall dominantly with grey colour, then leave one side or small façade of the room to be painted with yellow colour. However, if you have painted the entire wall with grey colour, you can add the accent through making pattern such as circle, abstract, or flower pattern using yellow colour.

Add accessories with accent colour

yellow and grey bedroom ideas


Adding accent in a room with used colour combination is not only can be done through painted walls. Accessories also work well to create accent in a room. There many yellow accessories that can be used. Yellow curtain as an example will look good to complete dark grey walls. Yellow framed-paintings almost look prefect when being placed in a room which uses grey shade dominantly. Yellow throw pillows for instance will helps to emphasizes yellow and grey bedroom décor. Rugs with yellow patter also can be good idea to enhance the look in living room or family room that applies this combination. Yellow flower also can be used to make the room look even sweeter.

Combine with other colours

yellow and red kitchen


Some people prefer not to use yellow and grey purely in a room. Instead, they use another colour to soften the combination. White as an example is colour which is often used to complement yellow and grey combination. For instance, the walls in the room are painted in white colour to soften the look of grey sofa and yellow cabinets.

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