Tips for Fireplace Wall Design

Fireplace wall design if chosen appropriately can create dramatic design in a room. There are wide varieties of designs that can be applied to fireplace, starting from modern to classical design. This area also can be design in glamour style. No matter what design that you want to apply, the best is the one that is suitable with the interior design of the room. The material that you use to dress up fireplace will give different effect as well. Good materials can emphasize fireplace as focal point in a room. Here, some tips to make fireplace offers aesthetic look.

Use trend design to create fireplace

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Among various kinds of fireplace designs which are available today, modern design perhaps become the ones still become a trend. Simple and elegant look perhaps become the main reason why people choose this design. Besides, the materials used for modern fireplace surround are more various. You can use brick, metal, tiles, wood, and even plaster. People also can use new materials such as stainless steel, brass, and glass which can complete the look of modern home. The size of the fireplace with modern design is quite flexible as well. You can go with big fireplace with minimalist design or just choose little compact bioethanol.

Choose materials for the fireplace

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Fireplace is not only can be designed to be complement or accent in the room but also can be designed with innovative style. If you want to make the fireplace as the highlight of the room, you can apply material that is suitable or little bit different with style of the home. If you want to select matching style that create stunning look in for modern home, you can made the fireplace using stainless steel material. But, if you want to create unique look in the modern room, you can make the fireplace from classic materials such as stone, wood, or brick.

What ambiance to create

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There are numerous kinds of fireplace finishes that you can use to add warmth and interesting ambiance in any room. For instance, you can create simple rustic fireplace to complete the room with cottage look. White-painted fireplace and monochromatic accessories blend well in the room which is painted with cream colour. You also can add little bit modern look in French country room style. The soft grey walls and white ceiling create comfortable feeling. You can complete this look by using slate to create the fireplace and the wall surrounds it. You can soften the look of this area by installing wooden mantel above the fireplace.

Choose colours for fireplace

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Designing a fireplace can be based on the colours. White fireplace which is combined with built-in storage can create natural focal point in a living room. This look can be completed by arranging white sofas in U shape. You can exude warm look in traditional room. It can be done by painting the room with white colour and providing mantel with similar colour. Meanwhile, to create contrast look in the room, you can use cream limestone as the material for fireplace wall design.

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