Tips For Decorating Living Rooms

A lot of people want to create cozy but decorative, there are several DIY tips to decorate a living room. You do not have to hire a decorator or spend fantastic amount of money to buy stuffs. Check the following tips:

1. Black and white pictures

living room design pictures


It can be a nice idea for minimalist living room with relatively neutral color. Just prepare a lot of medium sizes of black frames and black and white pictures. You can hang the pictures of your family and friends. It can be a great idea to display memorable moment, especially for you who like taking pictures. Have no good personal pictures? Browse some pictures of celebrities, scientists, artists, or even politicians whom you loved. Hang the pictures in black frames on the wall as you like.

2. Canvas on the back

living room designs ideas


You do not have to buy any expensive painting. Yet, you can just make your own abstract painting. Prepare some wood glue and white poster paint. Mix the glue and poster paint in 1 : 1 scale and use it to cover the canvas well. There are two easy way to create abstract painting. First, by using oil paints. You can be very creative to create pattern or shape with brush and paint. You also can ask each family member to stamp their handprint on the canvas. Second, use old magazine and and wood glue to create geometric abstract pattern. You just have to choose old magazine with one color gradation that goes with your living room theme. Then cut the magazine into same side triangles. Arrange the triangles on the canvas so the fit each other like puzzles. But leave a little space in between each triangle. Use wood glue to stick the paper triangles and cover the whole surface with transparent spray. It is simple but unique decorating ideas living room.

3. Play with the lights

living room style ideas


For you who want to create different look of night and day, you can just play with the light. Instead of changing the installation, you can just add several corner lamps or table lamps. Choose warm color to balance the main lighting. Just choose lighting fixtures that are fit your house main interior theme.

4. Display your collections

minimal living room


Do you collect something? Your collections can be the best decoration ever. Let’s say you have a lot of books. You just need to install a built in bookshelf on the wall or put a simple bookshelf in the living room. You just need to arrange your book well and your livingroom gets a new look. How about other collections? It works in similar way. For example you have a lot of eating utensils that are hardly used. You can display them in the built in rack.

5. Mirror on the wall

picture of living room


The last idea is the best decorating trick for small living room. You can hang mirrors on the wall to decorate the livingroom and create larger vision. Mirrors work with any kind of interior theme as long as you pay attention on its frame. Let’s say you have a vintage or classic livingroom. You can choose an oval large mirror with classic craved white frame. While for more modern and contemporary house, you can hang a square unframed mirror or the same shape mirror with simple frame as another idea for decorating living rooms.

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