Tips for Decorating Kitchens in Café Style

Decorating kitchens in café style can become a great idea to create new atmosphere into your kitchen. In the café style design, your kitchen will look more welcoming, casual and relaxing like in a coffee shop or café, so anyone will want to have more time to sit. There are some kitchen counter decorating ideas that can be applied to create such unique kitchen design, including applying the themes of Mediterranean, Tuscan, French or Italian.

Start from the Seats

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The seats are one of the aspects that can become trademarks in a kitchen with café style. Consider to apply traditional café chairs to the kitchen table so you can bring the café atmosphere well. The seat options could be such as seatback cushions like armrests. This kind of seat will be perfect to enjoy some drinks or meals while having a little bit relaxing time and reading.

Moreover, add more touches of eat-in style in decorating kitchens especially in the kitchen island or countertop area. Consider to apply banquet seating like café chairs or barstools in the area. The seats are perfect to bring the café look. Besides, it is also removable; add the seats when you need and remove them when you need more space for preparing some foods or cleaning the area. Find some kitchen remodeling pictures to get more ideas of how a café-style kitchen could be made.

Decorating with Curtains, Tablecloths, and More

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More ideas to create a kitchen in café style are applying the decorative under-sink curtain. Under sink area should be always closed to hide the pipes or the storage space. Besides closing the area well, the curtain is also a great idea of decorating kitchens with the attractive design and color. Bring the café look into your kitchen by applying under sink curtains in plaid or floral patterns, otherwise the curtains in bold colors. Additionally, the curtain is also perfect to cover the unarranged dishrag. Also add some pillows and tablecloths to get more stylistic and functional advantages to create café design into your kitchen.

Another great idea to decorate a kitchen in café style is applying the right shelving. In most kitchens of cafés, open shelving is commonly applied. In this way, the glassware, cookware and dishes in tidy arrangement are exposed well and becoming a unique way of decorating kitchens. On the other hand, this kind of shelving style is also functional, because you can grab the things more easily and faster without a necessity to open the doors. Moreover, a café’s kitchen also commonly has some hanging ceramics, dishware or cookware. Hang your cups with some hooks as well as arrange the pans and pots behind the sink on the pegboard.

By having a kitchen in café style, you will have a nice area to sit and talk with family members or friends. The nice atmosphere of café that can be had in the kitchen will make you all enjoy and spend more time in the kitchen. So just apply the ideas of decorating kitchens in the café style.

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