Tips for Decorating Kitchen Countertops

Decorating kitchen countertops is an important work to do in kitchen improvement project. The countertops are not only the area to prepare the foods and ingredients while cooking, but also the area that can make the kitchen looks awesome if it is well decorated. That is why making the kitchen countertops the major feature in every kitchen design. Designing the kitchen isn’t complete yet if you just choose the counter type. You also need to decorate the kitchen countertops to increasingly beautify the space for cooking.

Determining the Design Theme

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When you have installed the countertops in your kitchen, this is the right time to explore kinds of options to decorate your kitchen countertops. It can be started from the theme of the design and then continuing to the storage features smartly. The right decoration for the kitchen countertops will help creating a nice and welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen with the stylish look.

Consider the Countertop Space to Decorate

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This is the next point to consider when you start decorating kitchen countertops. Determine the space that is going to decorate. If you need to decorate a wide space in the countertop design and the area that is wrapped by several walls, for instance, you might need to have some decorative additions. In a wide countertop area to design, you also may have a chance to decorate in separated area. On the other hand, for a small kitchen countertop with only one or two countertop sections, for instance, you might need a handful subtle decorative things to create inviting look to the countertops. Don’t forget to place some interesting element to the kitchen design too.

Smart Decorating Ideas



Many homeowners combine the function and decorating characteristics as decorating ideas for kitchens countertops. Choose any kitchen things that can have double functions as decorative additions to the kitchen, such as kinds of appliances, cooking containers, or anything that also can be decorative. The storage containers such as the old-fashioned milk jugs, apothecary and mason jars, and other kitchen things with interesting shapes could have double functions as storage containers and decorative objects. Besides, the things are applicable in any kitchen design, either traditional or modern kitchen designs.

Decorating kitchen countertops could also be done by placing some kitchen appliances such as coffee maker, blenders, mixers, etc. Choose appliances in unique designs and beautiful colors such as bold reds, yellows, blues and greens. They are effective to add colors in your kitchen countertops and make it more beautiful as well as attractive.

The cooking supplies and foodstuffs also could become the things for decorating ideas kitchen countertops; such as cookie jars, fruit bowls, canned goods, jellies, jams, bread baskets, etc. Those things could bring colorful, bright, and inviting design for the kitchen countertops.

Choose the Best Lighting

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Lighting is also something that determines a nice look and atmosphere in a kitchen design. The right lighting could bring the visual interest and warmth atmosphere including in the kitchen countertop area. Add the recessed lighting, rope lighting, task lighting, etc. in the area that needs more lighting such as under the cabinets or in the corners of the kitchen, or another spot. Smart lighting can optimize your ideas of decorating ideas for kitchens.

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