Tips for Choosing Curtain Design

If your house front door faces to the west, mostly your house will be very hot in the afternoon. You need a curtain to create calm room without having the necessary light. Choosing a curtain is not easy if you don’t know the tips.

Right Color and Fabric

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Here are some tips for choosing curtains designs. Choose the right fabric is the most important thing in curtain design. If the fabric is made from thin material, it is suitable for visibility where you still can see the activity outside easily. It is easy to be washed in the washing machine and you can have many prints on the curtains. Let’s say a curtain for kids’ room where you would like to have animal prints, so it is best to adapt according to cartoon character. Curtains need to be wash regularly since dust is easy to stick on it. Furthermore, curtains need to have good wash to keep the color stay bright and nice to see. If your curtain face sunlight so often, it is best to choose curtain without any prints. Using curtain from silk is suitable since it is last longer and keeps on neutral for any theme of the room. Choosing curtain color is another thing to be considered. It should block the sunshine, but do not create dark room. If you choose gold color, it can create sophisticated look. It is common in the hotel to select this color.

Curtain Accessories

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Measure the right size of curtain to make it looks charming when you hang it. Hanging panels should be above the windows to create higher room. It should be at least 6 inches from the edge of window frame. You can measure from the top of panel to the floor to create classic and elegant look. You can take images of curtains to get the ideas. Moreover, you should measure the width as well. You should add some inches in the width to make it get easier when opening wider. The third tips are considering the price. You should calculate the panel, curtain, ring for hanging the curtain with the panel and the installation itself. If it is out of your budget, you can make own curtain by buying the fabric and bring to the tailor for sewing in border of fabric. At the top side, you can fold the curtain into 20 cm and sew it. Let in the middle is having hole to let the panel go through it easily. This way is the very simple curtain where you don’t need to buy ring anymore.

The Tips

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There are some window curtain styles where you can choose. If you would like to have 2 sides curtain in the same window, you should make 2 separate curtains with same size and tie the middle with nice ribbon. You can make plenty combination to make your rooms cozier. Last but not least, treat your curtain as your precious cloth. You need to do dry clean if necessary and prepare for the reserved curtain if the first one is still washing.

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