Tips for a More Productive Office

Computer desk design is supposed to make the occupant feels comfortable to finish the works. And basically, in order to build the peace atmosphere and great feeling of employee, it should be started with the great desk especially if they work with computer in a full day. Making a good computer desk does not mean that you have to spend too much money on it. Moreover, you can also try this at your home first before applying to your employee at the office.

Actually, there are several things that should be considered before choosing or making a great desk for computer. The comfy point is the main goal in this project. Great atmosphere and environment plus adequate equipment will increase the quality of employee’s activities. Happy and healthy employee will make you happy as well. So, check this out!

Ergonomic point

Minimal computer desk


Minimal computer desk will make the room feels larger and wider. But if it does not be balanced with the ergonomic, it will be wasted though. So, however and regardless the style of the desk, you need to pay more attention to the ergonomic point. There are several important things on the ergonomic point and we can make sure that it will increase the productivity of your employees. How come? Well, this is all about convenience and comfortable things. Adjust the measurement with the ergonomic standard will help the employee or even you to do the better work. Too high or too low desk will hurt your back, shoulders, and other body parts. So, considering the ergonomic things and you will be the hero of your office.

Keep it free from traffic

computer desk design


Too much design on computer desk design will turn complicated when the employee will do the tasks. It is better of you avoid the clutter or the detail for work desk. It will make the room feel better, wider, and increase the productivity atmosphere. Organization is the main concern in the office. So, by avoiding the clutter or too much detail on the desk will encourage them to be more productive. Just make sure that the desk does not full with paper as well. Paperless office looks better and gives the best layout ever.

Pick the right color

minimalist desk


Color is something trivia and most people will forget it since it is all about computer desk. But actually the color selection can affect the room impression. It is also applied on color selection for table. It is better to consider the minimalist desk with proper color. Neutral colors can make the employee more calm and productive at the same time. They will not be distracted with the intensity of the color on them. Even some of them will increase certain atmosphere such as yellow for creativity, blue for focus mind, green for balance atmosphere, and many more. Since the color give certain influences directly to the people around, you must think about it before applying certain color on the desk. Other than that, involving nature around the workspace will complete your goal of great computer desk design.

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