The 6 Types of Elegant Asian Garden

If you have ever visited Asian, then you saw Asian Garden, you may wish that you can have it one in your yard. Actually, it is not difficult to have it. This article will share some information about some Asian garden styles. Most Asian garden has similarities. They are so enjoyable for the eyes to see and make you feel more relaxed. That will be great idea to see the garden after working all day long. Sitting in the gazebo and have a cup of tea would be nice.

Here are 6 Asian garden style, they are Japanese, Chinese, Balinese, Tropical, Feng Shui and Zen. We can discuss each style and what should you know about Asian garden. You should note that Asian garden has natural design. This idea may be the reason why Asian garden is so relaxing. This garden is not only for your back yard. You can also design this garden in your front yard. Even with Spanish or Mediterranean house style, Asian garden is still perfect for your yard.

Japanese Garden

japanese garden


Thinking about Japanese garden, you may have different imaginations. Some will think about stone lantern placing on a rock near the pond. Some others will imagine a traditional garden for having tea. You can have small Japanese garden design ideas along with western garden. Even for Japanese garden designs for small spaces, you still can give the elements. It has symbol of something but everything has their own purposes. Everything should look nature, just like when you want to put lawn gnome. You have to think again, is that lawn gnome usually in nature? The lawn gnome will not look great in your Japanese garden. You can put aside the little friend somewhere. The Japanese garden is suitable with small Asian gardens in the side, back or front yard.

Balinese Garden

balinese garden


Balinese garden is gaining popularity as Asian garden nowadays. This garden is so amazing that you can imagine a faraway land. It is full of spiritual peace and calmness, describing Hinduism in Bali. The major element is the use of water in Balinese garden. Even the small Asian gardens, it has a small fountain on it. The nature rules is influenced strongly in these gardens. Balinese garden symbolize the lifestyle of Bali people who live with the harmony with the land.

The type of Balinese garden is by the natural and tropical style. The natural geography of the land shows a lot in Balinese garden. The garden typically surrounded by the natural water such as pool or pond. Or they are some Balinese garden with waterfall or small fountain. This small Asian garden will suit best with the backyard.

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden


Chinese garden may be not really famous just like small Japanese garden design ideas. However, if you want this for your small Asian garden, still it is a good idea. Chinese garden has a kind of evolution over three thousand years. It is expressing the harmony between people and nature. One things of Chinese garden can be seen piece by piece. You cannot see them all at once in the first time you saw it. The visitors will be wondered by the scenes of nature. Not everything in nature, but all at once in the Chinese garden.

Chinese garden is a kind of Asian garden which is filled with man’s influences. Architecture likes to put temples, bridges, towers, pavilions to fill the garden. However, the building will not compete with the harmony of the nature but they are blend together to give such amazing atmosphere.

Tropical Garden

tropical garden


This is the most favourite modern garden pictures which is called Tropical garden. This Asian garden will remind you about the description of paradise. It is a bit different with modern garden pictures. The yard with Tropical garden will make you imagine that you are in Hawaii or Fiji. What a wonderful ideas to come home to relax by seeing the tropical garden. The typical tropical garden reflects a beautiful island. It has beautiful flowers, colorful plants, big trees and smell good fragrances will fill the air.

Just like any other small Asian garden, those beautiful descriptions will contribute the view and feel of tropical garden. The problem is that when you don’t have or less tropical climate. You cannot have the garden you want. However, you can do research or browse some plants which are available in your area. Still you can use these design to design tropical influences.

Korean Garden

Korean garden


The last Asian garden is a Korean garden. This garden can be an idea of small Asian gardens. It has the rules and results which are wonderful. Korean normally is a kind of Japanese garden. It is holding certain rules to make a natural garden with highly compliment of nature and the existence of man.

While Korean is another Asian garden idea, it has some rules in which some elements should be placed certain places. Typically. The arrangement of this garden should consider the flow of positive energy. This garden will influence and give such impact to your space. Both designs can suit well for you modern garden pictures.


As it is discussed above, each of Asian garden have their own characteristics in the ideas, guidelines and design. Many details can be found everywhere. You can read magazines, some books, or even browse in the internet. This can give you some ideas on designing your garden or just simply find the designed garden available in book or internet. Make sure you choose the right garden for your backyard.

Don’t worry if you only have small space, there are lots of Japanese garden designs for small spaces. Once more, if you are really serious designing your garden, you can consider small Asian garden. So you can start to choose which Asian garden which suits you well. Then decide the design and get some properties you need to have your dream garden.

Your small Asian garden will live your mood from your working hour. Get a cup of tea or any kind of snacks will boost your mood.

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