Simple 5 Methods to Choose Style of Patio Covers

Patio covers are available in so many styles. Sometime you are confused to choose right one for your patio. Remodeling your home and building patio will add function and value to your home. Patio is important for your home because you can use this room for some functions. Some people use this room as family room and the other people like to do some activities in this room too. In order to increase comfort in your patio, you need to add patio cover that is suitable with your home’s style and also the durability of cover. There are some styles of covers for your patio and for all of you who don’t know how to choose the right one, you can check some style or types of covers here.

Canvas Patio Covers for Lightweight Patio Covers Option

Canvas Patio Covers


Canvas patio covers actually are not popular cover type for your patio. It is lightweight cover but it will not durable for covering your patio. There are some other popular materials or types of cover for your patio that you can choose such as changing canvas with vinyl cover. Why you need to choose vinyl cover for Outside covered patios? It feels like wood but it is sold in lower price. It is actually plastic and not wood. It is ideal type of cover for patio that requires little maintenance. This type of cover is made your patio in your good look especially when you clean or wash your cover regularly. This cover will last for longer time but it will not be durable as when you choose to use metal covers. It is friendly product too and it doesn’t pollute your environment.

Patio Shades Outdoor with Pergolas

patio shades outdoor


Next option that you can choose for your patio is pergola. It can be chosen as patio shades outdoor in your home. Not all people know what pergola is. Pergola is used for outdoor garden or some outdoor rooms and the room usually is used to gather with some friends or family. The structure is made with wood beams and the ceiling design is usually criss crosses and flat. There is solid board too that is used in the ceiling too. This style of patio cover is great in design but it will not be good to protect your patio from strong winds, extreme sunlight, terrible weather and heavy rain too. If you don’t like with this type of patio cover, you can find some other styles of patio covers below such as retractable patio awnings.

Retractable Patio Awning Style for Patio Cover

Retractable Patio Awning


The next style of patio cover that you can choose is retractable patio awning. This patio cover offers you versatility. It helps you to give bold look in your patio. It will allow you to pull the covering when you need to create some events in your home or when there is strong storm or strong snowfall. It is effective and flexible cover for your patio. You can choose whether you choose this patio shades outdoor controlled by manually or with electrically. Although there are some pros of this cover, you must be careful with strong wind because it is not strong enough for strong wind.

Vinyl and Tablecloth Patio Table Covers

patio table covers


After you choose right cover for your patio, it is important for all of you too to consider how to protect all furniture items in your patio. Furniture in your patio should be protected well. Outdoor furniture need cover too and you can search best patio table covers for your outdoor furniture in your patio. Some people choose to protect their table with vinyl. It is actually not familiar cover but it is durable and it is made in high quality too. You need to choose this cover for your table because it is resistant to some elements such as sun, water and some other things. This price is also affordable too so you can save more money for your patio furniture clearance protection. It is not the only material that you can choose to use in covering your furniture.

Polyester Covers for Furniture in Patio

Sunroom patio enclosures


You can choose polyester for furniture in your patio. It is considered as the lighter material for your patio furniture when it is compared with vinyl material. Because it is lighter material, it will provide good airflow to your patio and furniture too. It is also water resistant and fade resistant that is suitable to use for longer time. It is also easy to clean so it is easy maintenance material. You can choose it as the best one for your Sunroom patio enclosures furniture too such as table or other furniture items. There are some designs of furniture cover that you can choose too to increase aesthetic in your patio. You need to consider using waterproof outdoor furniture covers too that available for you in some places. The last type of patio cover that you can choose for your patio is metal patio cover. It is common to use in your patio. There are some different types of metals such as aluminum. Aluminum is popular rather than some other types of metal because it is cheaper and long lasting too, It is easy to withstand with strong rain and also winds. It is easy to assemble so you don’t need to pay expert to help you.

Now, you just know some types of outside covered patio that you can choose for your patio. When you choose patio cover, it is important to consider some things such as size of the cover. It is must for you to measure all things first before you purchase your cover for your patio. Second, you need to consider the material for your patio cover. As we know there are some materials that offered and with some pros and cons that you will get too. That is why you need to choose one that is good and durable for your patio. You should be careful in choosing right place to buy patio cover too because not all places offer you right patio cover. When you are looking for patio shades outdoor cover, you better search for patio furniture covers too. It helps you to find right patio table covers or for other furniture items in your patio. It is time for you to choose right patio covers now.

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