Making Cute Girls Rooms

Cute girls rooms are important for your family if you have daughters. Your daughters need their own rooms to get some space and by having a nice room, they will feel comfortable and love to stay at home. Designing a room for a girl is actually quite simple because girls tend to have their own predictable styles like princess or pink color. However, girls can be quite complicated as well and maintaining the simplicity in the room is not quite easy. If you are now trying to design a room for your daughters, below are some inspirations of cute girls rooms for you to try.

1 Cute Baby Girl Room

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If your daughter is just a toddler, you need a nursery instead of a room. Even though it is just a nursery and your baby daughter does not even care about the design of the room, you need to make sure that the room is well designed. If the room is well designed, you will be able to turn it easily into her bedroom as she grows up. You can choose a popular theme like pink teddy bear or pink ribbons for the room. Use wall stickers to decorate the wall and use cute little hanging lamps for the light fixtures.

2. Cute Little Girl Room

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If your daughter is in preschool and she is around 4 or 5 years old, it means that she already understands that she has a room of her own and she knows that she can decorate the room just the way she likes it. That is why you can start involving her in the process of room decorating. Offer her the color selections for the wall and let her choose the design of the carpet or the design of the bed. For girls her age, the room must be quite spacey and you need to prepare a desk and a chair for her as well because she surely starts to study for school.

3. Cute Schoolgirl Room

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If your girl is in elementary school, she definitely needs her own room already. Girls in age of 6 to 11 usually already have idols or something that they like. Say for example, Frozen and Queen Elsa. Numerous girls these days idolize that movie and the character as well. That is why they want their rooms to be decorated with Frozen elements like the icy blue color, snowflakes wall sticker, and so on. To make cute rooms for girls that they like, ask them first about what theme they want for their room.

4. Cute Teenage Girl Rooms

paint colors for teenage girl room


Teenage girls have their own worlds and they do think that their rooms are private rooms where no one can get it but them. That is why you as parents cannot usually interfere with the room design or with the decision of what things to be placed in the bedroom. Usually, teenage girls love music, boy band, movie stars, and pop culture. It is believed that they will surely decorate their cute teenage rooms with any themes related to all those things above for their cute girls rooms.

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