How to Design Small Kids Room

When designing small kids room, you do not only deal with the space of your room, but also the furniture you choose and the safety for your kids. You may think that kids do need large room, so that they can play and study inside. Yet, if you deal with the space, there are some tips and tricks to create an illusion of a larger space. From the paint colors, layout, and furniture we can create a larger feel in small room.

Smaller Scale for the Furniture

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The first key to do when choosing furniture is by having smaller scale of furniture. Here, you may need to draw the room you have, and scale it, then choose what function you want to your kids’ room and the theme they want to have. Then, you will be able to decide what kind of furniture you need to have, and where you place it.

Bed for Small Space

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The most important element in bedroom is the bed itself. For kids room, you can have bunk beds. This is  great for those who have shared room, filled with two to three children. Choose bunk beds that have additional storage underneath, or shelves. There, you can keep their clothes in easy way. Choose bunk beds that is perfect for small space. If you have one child in one room, high-rise platform bed or loft bed will be great to choose. Underneath, you can place small sofa, shelving, or even desk. Another bed to choose is murphy beds that can be folded into the wall. Just push the bed whenever you do not need it. Here are some beds for small kids room.

Wall Painting

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The next thing to consider for creating small kids room ideas is the color of the room. Light colors in soft tones like green, blue, or pink are suitable for small space. Bright colors will help the room to look bigger. For kids room, do not forget to choose free VOCs and non-toxic paint. The light color is not only for the wall, choose light color also for the furniture you have. Choose flowing and rounded shape of furniture. This will create a lighter feel for the whole room. Dark and wood-made furniture may give a heavy feel for the room. You can choose to have acrylic or plastic furniture for your small kids room.

Wire Basket or Play Table

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If the ceilings room are low, give hanging light fixtures. Yet, if you feel that the lights interrupt your sight, choose versatile track lighting for the kids room. Other small kids bedroom ideas have something to do with storage. Wire basket is great to keep the variety of books and toys in order. This can be a great decoration as well. A trunk or a play table are also great for storing the toys. This furniture also has multiple purpose. You can use it as table or chair at the same time. Your kids can do their homework there. The last idea is by giving school ambience into the room, give your kids lockers to store all the stuff they have.

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