How to Design Pictures for the Kitchen Walls

Pictures for the kitchen walls are a type of decorations that can add personality into your kitchen. You can choose to put your artworks, favorite photographs, or both of them on the walls as the display that is admirable for everyone. The pictures can be the feature that is ever-changing because the pictures and the frames can be changed as much as you want so you can get the new look inside your kitchen. This kind of kitchen decorating is also commonly found in many pictures of kitchen where nice atmosphere is visible with kinds of pictures decorating the kitchen walls.

Things Needed in This Project



To make this decoration with pictures on the kitchen’s walls, you may need some things such as;

  • Picture frames
  • Pencil
  • Laser level
  • Paper
  • Some optional things such as clips, wire, and collage frame.

Steps to Do This Project

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To decorate with some pictures for the kitchen, you can do some following steps.

  • Prepare some frames in different sizes and shapes and place the pictures in each of the frames. Create a unified look by sticking to the frames in the same color. Otherwise, if you want to create eclectic effect, you can try to apply frames in different colors. Combine colorful frames with black and white printed pictures to prevent too overwhelming look on your kitchen walls.
  • Before applying the pictures, you can try to make some plan where different layouts can be tried for experiments. Don’t think too hard about the scale because all you need is about the pleasing look of layouts. You can try the neat, mosaic, diamond shape or straight layouts; just let your imagination draw it. Place more than one groups of picture frames if you have a large kitchen area.
  • Test the layout look by using the floor to arrange the pictures for the kitchen. It helps to get the best layouts without making too many false holes on the wall. Then you can transfer every picture to the wall when you have gotten the perfect layout.
  • The first picture must be hanged on your eye level or at least five feet from the floor. Otherwise, hang it higher if you have high ceilings.
  • Continue the pictures hanging based on the layouts you chose. If you choose the straight row layout, you can make it with a laser level. The level will make your pictures arrangement perfectly straight. It doesn’t matter to take more time because you should be accurate to display those pictures in straight row.
  • Additionally, apply a wire in certain length on one end to another of your kitchen wall. This wire can be used to display unframed pictures for the kitchen by using some clips. The pictures to hang are freer on this unconventional picture wall, such as the artworks of your children, photographs, timelines, family vacation pictures, etc.
  • For a small kitchen, choose a collage frame as the place to display some pictures. It is a great idea since you have limited space for pictures in a small kitchen.
    It just need creativity to design a nice kitchen with pictures hanging on. Also find some pictures of cabinets where some pictures hanging close to it. It will give you more ideas to perfectly hang the pictures for the kitchen .

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