How to Design Cute Girl Bedrooms

Cute girl bedrooms ideas differ from boys bedrooms, of course. When decorating girls room, you need to consider one thing, that girls like to be a princess. Their rooms are their castle. As parents, keep this in mind. Thus, the color to choose is not that wide. Choose red schemes, orange, yellow, or pink schemes for the kids room. If your daughters adore a character, realize it into their room. It will be great to feel. Do not forget mirror, shelving systems, workspaces, and bookcases besides the bed, to be placed in girls room. Their room must be functional yet stylish and cute.

Rainbow Colors for Wall

little girl room decorating ideas


The cute girls room idea starts with the color of the wall. In girl bedrooms, parents can play with wide range of colors. You even can use random colors and put it in one room. One idea you can do is choosing all the rainbow colors and put it for coloring the pillows, windows, and walls. When you choose strong palette colors, repeat the particular elements to sharpen the look. Do not forget to balance the color of whole room, by giving some neutral colors like white, or grey. Well, you can break the traditional by omitting pink color when creating cute bedrooms for girls. Create a modern vibe through shades of red or orange. Shock the color with blue or green, for instance. Give also more patterns inside, by adding some floral graphic prints.

Solid Colors

little girl room paint ideas


If you want something different from painted wall, try to choose some solid colors painting, tangy orange, bold raspberry, and sweet pink for instance. Create different sizes of squares on your wall with tape, and fill the shapes with those different colors. Inviting your girls to do this together with you will be interesting. Ask them to choose the colors.

Work Zones in Bedroom

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Cute girl bedrooms must be functional as well. Create a work zones for your girls bedroom. Cute office chair with large desk, combined with storage bins near it will create a cozy workspace for girls. If your girls have not joined school yet, try to create a play zone. Chair and table miniature with complete tea ceremony miniature on it will be great for your daughters. Choose light furniture, so that you and they can move it with ease whenever they want to play on that zone.

Furniture for Grown-Up Girls

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When your girls grow, choose white furniture instead of the colorful one. Change the paint colors, bedding, and accessories when she grows. Give them time to change the room based on what they really want. You can change the storage options into built-in cabinets with nightstand. The storage option will change its function to store makeup and magazines. There is no dolls left maybe.

Writings on Wall as Decorations

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Room is a place to express themselves. Writings on the wall will be a great decorations. If your girls have favorite poem, place it on their wall. You do not have to make the word art by yourself, look for wall decals or stencils online. There are various choices there. Remember to choose lettering word art that which the color is contrast with the color of the wall.

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