How to Design a Multifunction Livingroom

It takes more than decorating rooms when you are thinking about designing a multifunction living room. In some modern house, especially when it is a small building or apartment, living room performs a lot of function. It is not only a place where you welcome your guests, but also to gather with your family or room mates. There are several things you have to pay attention to design this kind of livingroom.

Easy access



Before thinking about the details of your new livingroom, you must consider the exact position of the room. In most building, the living room is built in the front part of the house. Although there are other houses or apartments that have livingroom in the center of the building, especially in an open layout and in a small building.

If you want to have a multifunction livingroom, you have to create easy access to the living room. Make sure there is nothing to block the access to the livingroom. Avoid any furniture and permanent installation like door that blocks the access to your livingroom. However, you also cannot build an access that allows people to suddenly come into the room. It might make you uncomfortable. If there is already a door that gives instant access for people from outside to come, you have to arrange the furniture well.

Always try to visualize your design

asian inspired living room


It might be easier for you to apply your idea directly when the main installation of the building has already done. However, if you have just started building the livingroom, it is suggested for you visualize your idea in some design photos. What if you do not hire any designer? Don’t worry. You can go online to find easy 3D building designing software. It will help you checking your design ideas.

Choose one big theme

asian style living room


Since your livingroom can be accessed easily from any other room and will be the center of family activities, you have to decorate it with similar theme to the whole house. Not only it makes you easier to start decorating, it will make your living room really part of your house.

Multifunction focal point

asian themed living room


What is the center of your living room? Instead of placing particular furniture to keep or display stuffs, you can have more functional focal point in your livingroom. You can have a set of television. It can be a great idea for you who love watching movies together with your friends and family.

Additional furniture

awesome living room ideas


What do you plan to have in the livingroom? People usually have some sofa and a coffee table as the main furniture. You can have some movable additional furniture like a small table and two or three chairs. In some occasion like house warming party or gathering, you can use the table to display some food and place the chars in some spots for additional seating. In daily use, you can place the table in the corner of the livingroom to place any kind of stuffs. You can also use the table to display a vase and flower. How about the chairs? Arrange them around the coffee table as additional seatings. To finish designing a living room you can start decorating with simple and multifunction ideas.

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