Have a Spiral Staircase to Make Your Home Stylish

Spiral staircase usually has handrail only on the outer side, and the central pole on the inner side. The direction of spiral staircase is clockwise. There are some types of spiral staircase such as squared spiral staircase, pure spiral staircase, and tight spiral staircase. Spiral staircase is very efficient for you who want to keep space of your floor area. On the other hand, spiral staircase also has disadvantage which is steep. The tighter spiral staircase you get, the steeper it is. Of course it is really dangerous, especially if you have children in your house. The wider diameter of your spiral staircase, the more steps you need to make. But the tighter diameter of your spiral staircase, the steeper your staircase. Make sure you make a spiral staircase with balanced diameter.

Pros and Cons of Small Spiral Staircase

Small Spiral Staircase


  • The advantages of small spiral staircase

The biggest advantage of having small spiral staircase is it can save more spaces compared to normal staircase. You can even use the same small spiral staircase to link more than two floors.

Small spiral staircase is cheaper and easier to install compared to normal staircase. It is also easily found in kits installation. Since it is cheaper, small spiral staircase is a great idea for you who concern on budget.

Small spiral staircase also has a lot of variety of shapes, sizes, and materials used. So that it provides you so many choices of small spiral staircase which is suitable for your home. The next advantage is small spiral staircase brings glamour to your home.

  • The disadvantages of small spiral staircase

Since small spiral staircase takes little space of your home, it may be steeper compared to normal staircase. So that for some people especially for elderly and children, small spiral staircase is difficult to use.

You need to make sure that small spiral staircase is able to comply the codes in your area. Especially if you are planning to go for a custom build on small spiral staircase.

You need to buy high quality small spiral staircase which is suitable with your home. Also, you need to choose appropriate materials and designs which are fitted with the design of your home. Pre assemled small spiral staircase usually needs more costs than normal staircase.

Pros and Cons of Metal Staircase

Metal Staircase


  • The advantages of metal staircase

First of all, if you want modern design for your home, having metal staircase is a great idea. Metal staircase can be made from any types of metal but the most popular types are stainless steel and alumunium. Metal staircase is durable for years. It is resitant to any damage such as scratches. Since it is durable, metal staircase is suitable for area where earthquakes often happen. There are also a lot of design of metal staircase. If you want a spiral staircase, metal is the best material to be used since it easily to be formed. For you who want a decorative staircase, you can choose metal staircase.

  • The disadvantages of metal staircase

The color of metal staircase can change over time, especially if it uses cast iron or bronze. So that you need to do finishing such as coating and waxing to maintain the appearance of your metal staircase. This will add costs to your maintenance costs. Also, because of the durability and various decorative design, metal staircase is more expensive compared to any other materials such as wood.

Pros and Cons of Staircase Designs

1. Straight staircase design

Straight staircase design



Straight design of stair is the easiest way to go up and down, and also it is the easiest design to build for stairs. Straight stair design does not require intermediate supporting structures. For you who love minimalist design, straight stair is suitable for you since it is simple.


A privacy barrier between the floors in your home is not provided by straight stair design. Straight stair design is not suitable for residential construction since it needs more space to have a landing if your stairs only 12 feet high.

2. L shaped staircase design

L shaped staircase design



This stair design will give you privacy since it provides privacy barrier. Also, L shaped stair design is more attracting visually. If you want to locate stairs in the corner of your home, this design works better. L shaped stair design is said that safer than straight stair design since there is a landing to stop.

3. Spiral staircase design

Spiral staircase design



Spiral staircase design has a lot of railing design which can be attractive look for your stair. The installation of spiral stair design is easier since it does not need extra support structures.


It is difficult for you to carry big items using spiral stair design. Spiral stair allow only one person to go at the same time.

Loft Stairs for Small Spaces

Loft Stairs


If you have small spaces in your home but you need to have a stair, loft stairs for small spaces may be a solution for you. Loft stair does not take big spaces. On the other hand, there are some advantages and disadvantages of loft stairs.


Loft stairs are multi function for example they can be storage area. You can build loft stairs for small spaces and design them so you can include storage boxes. Also, loft stairs are easier to climb and more secure. It is a good option if you have children in your home.


There is no mobility if you use loft stairs since the space of loft stairs is really small. You cannot build loft stairs if your headroom has a small space.

Staircase Designs for Homes

1. U shaped staircase design

U shaped staircase design


This staircase design for homes is suitable to any architectural plan. Also, it provides architectural attractness.

2. Curve staircase design

Curve staircase design


This design brings elegant yet traditional design to your home. Also, it is easier to walk up using this design if the distance is long enough. It is a perfect staircase designs for homes.

3. Spiral staircase design

spiral staircase design


Compactness is the biggest advantage offered by spiral staircase.

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