Electrolux Precision Brushroll Clean as the Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home

Since the first time electric vacuum cleaner was invented, the upright model has always been the most popular. This model is very convenient to use and powerful enough to suck all dust and debris that pollute the floor and carpet surface. Although robotic vacuum cleaner becomes commonplace nowadays, upright vacuum cleaner is still considered a preferable choice because it is relatively affordable and because it cleans the house faster than robot does. For homeowners, getting an upright vacuum cleaner is the first thing that comes up in their mind when they plan to buy a new vacuum cleaning device.

Of all upright vacuum cleaners that you can buy today, Electrolux precision brushroll clean is particularly worthy of mention due to some features that it offers. Tests have shown that this midrange vacuum cleaner performs better than its counterparts of the same class do. In fact, its performance can even be compared to that of more expensive vacuum cleaners currently available. Therefore, even if you can spend more to get an upmarket vacuum cleaner, it is advisable that you pick this midrange state-of-the-art Electrolux vacuum cleaner. Here are several reasons why you can reap many benefits if you buy this upright Electrolux vacuum cleaner.

Electrolux Precision Brushroll Clean is an upright vacuum cleaner.

electrolux precision brushroll clean bagless upright vacuum


As an upright bagless vacuum cleaner, it is both affordable and compact. Its 13-inch cleaning swath is also relatively wide, so you can clean your home faster if you use this upright vacuum cleaner.

It is bagless.

how to clean vacuum brush roll


When you buy Electrolux precision brushroll clean bagless upright vacuum, you don’t have to repeatedly replace its bag and to experience frequent clogging that often plagues bagged vacuum cleaner. Instead of using bag, it uses transparent dust chamber that allows you to check easily how full the chamber currently is and whether the appliance accidentally sucks valuables like cash or jewelry. This bagless vacuum cleaner is also cheaper to maintain because you don’t have to regularly replace its reusable and washable filter. Simply wash its filter when there is too much debris on it and it can immediately be reused. You need to replace the filter only when the sign of wear and tear has become very apparent.

It uses brush roll that is easy to clean.

electrolux nimble brushroll clean bagless upright vacuum cleaner


This upright vacuum cleaner not only sucks dirt, but also sweeps and agitates debris trapped in the carpet and then sucks it. This mechanism allows the vacuum cleaner to do better job when removing stubborn dust, dirt and debris. Its brush roll is also easy to clean. If your vacuum cleaner loses its optimal performance, you may need to clean its brush roll. How to clean vacuum brush roll? This vacuum cleaner features super easy brush roll cleaning system. There is a lever on the machine that you can pull to activate this cleaning mechanism. By pulling the lever, anything that is trapped in the brush will be pulled out and sucked into the dust chamber.

Its design looks modern and feels sturdy.

The design of this vacuum cleaner is dominated by its silver finish with orange accent that looks elegant and futuristic. Its design also looks and feels solid and sturdy. You can guarantee that it will be a durable vacuum cleaner that lasts for years. The dust chamber of this vacuum cleaner that is easy to detach and attach as well as its handle that is comfortable to grip makes it an ergonomic vacuum cleaner that is convenient to use. The design, however, is not without weakness. At about 17 pounds, this vacuum cleaner is relatively heavy to use. The machine doesn’t feature swivel function as well, though this doesn’t mean that the machine lacks maneuverability.

It offers some excellent features.

best electrolux vacuum for pet hair


Electrolux nimble brushroll clean bagless upright vacuum cleaner offers some features that make it a versatile cleaning machine.

  1. It includes fast-rotating brush roll that optimally agitates dust and debris and forces it to enter the sucking channel. The brush roll is active only if the cleaner is in “carpet” mode. If you switch it to “bare” mode, its brush roll will be turned off and the machine will only use its sucking mechanism.
  2. Although it doesn’t have swivel function, it includes a crevice tool, a wand, and other attachments that allow you to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  3. It features a detachable dust chamber that comes with washable filter. If you or someone in your house have allergy, you can use HEPA filter that comes with the machine.
  4. Its height can be adjusted up to three levels. Therefore, no matter how tall or short you are, you can always use this vacuum cleaner conveniently.
  5. It offers great performance. This vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly the best Electrolux vacuum for pet hair as well as everything that makes your home dirty. This vacuum cleaner has been tested to get rid of pet hair, washers, nuts, and pins on various surfaces, including smooth floor and thick and thin carpet. In all of those tests, it truly shows outstanding performance. Any particles and debris that is too stubborn to remove can be easily removed by using its brush roll.
  6. This vacuum cleaner features cyclonic filtration technology that uses conical filter that traps dirt using centrifugal force. With this technology, the vacuum cleaner is guaranteed to perform efficiently.
  7. Electrolux offers generous warranty coverage for this product. For 5 years after you buy this vacuum cleaner, you will be protected by Electrolux’s warranty that covers the cost of both replacement parts and services. For 5 years, you will enjoy peace in mind when using this vacuum cleaner.
  8. It removes not only stubborn dirt and debris, but also foul odor. Carpet is prone not only to trapped debris, but also to odor that comes from spills. With this vacuum cleaner, you can guarantee that your house will be free from foul odor.

With all of those features, this vacuum cleaner is undeniably one of the best cleaners that you can use at home. Read Electrolux vacuum cleaner precision brushroll clean reviews and you can hear all positive testimonials given by customers who have tried this product.

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