Designing Japanese Bedrooms

Japanese bedroom decor is often sought as the inspiration for many people when they try to decorate their room. Japan is very unique country with cultural depth and everything. That is why Japan has so many styles that you can bring to your bedroom. Below are some inspirations for you to decorate your room with Japanese bedroom decor.

1. Japanese Futon

japanese bedroom design


If you really want an authentic Japanese inspired bedroom, you need to bring a futon inside the room. Futon is a kind of folded bed or mattress that you can easily fold and store when you do not use them. However, if you try to use Japanese futon, make sure you make the rest of the room cohesive in term of design. Say for example, you can have a bamboo carpet for the wall. When you are not going to bed, you are going to sit on the carpet. When you are about to go to sleep, take out the futon and cover the carpet with the futon. Beside of the bamboo carpet, you can also have a shoji. Shoji is a kind of wall slash room divider that are used very often in Japanese houses. Instead of glass, shoji is made out of paper (except the frame of course). That is why durability is not going to play well for shoji. Today, you can use shoji just for decoration instead of functioning it properly as wall or room divider.

2. Zen Theme

Japanese bedroom decor


Zen is a quite related to Japanese. The theme emphasizes tranquility, peace, and the beauty of nature. That is why if you want to have Zen themed room, you can bring the colors of nature for the color scheme of the room. Colors like soft brown, moss green, and pale yellow are very good to support this kind of theme. For the decoration, you can go as natural as possible by using plants. Wooden elements are also very important in Zen theme. The wooden elements can be applied for the wall or even for the floor. Above the bed headboard, you can hang one frame with Japanese letters written on it. Surely, your room is going to be very Japanese and very tranquil.

3. Anime Theme

Japanese bedrooms


One of the most important pop cultures in Japan today is its anime. A lot of people, especially young people, fall in love with Japanese anime and they want to have Japanese bedrooms with anime as the main theme. Thankfully, anime is quite fun with eye popping characters and bright colors on them. Bringing them all to the room is not too hard. You can paint the wall with white paint or cover it with plain white wallpapers. Then, wall stickers will pay a great deal in this step. Use wall stickers in the shape of your favorite anime characters and stick them on the wall. You can have colorful stripes of stickers to decorate the rest of the wall. Anime theme is one of the most popular bedroom themes using Japanese bedroom decor inspiration.

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