8 Tips of Computer Room Design

Most of us will spend at least 8 hours in the office. And, we also spend most of the time in front of computer. Therefore, it is necessary to make your room is cozier. When you get comfortable, you can work productively.

Storing Things surround Computer

computer room design


Let’s make a computer room design where you can work effectively and efficiently even in the small room. You should place enough light near to the computer, especially if you need extra concentration to the detail things. Moreover, you also need to make your chair is comfortable for long sit. The distance between chair and table should be proportional. Here are 8 tips of making cool room setup with your own creativity.

First, is selecting bright color whether it is for table, wall, and the other elements to make your mood is also better to see these bright things.

Second, you should have an enough space for moving. Your leg should be relaxed. Don’t make too cramped room where your arm and knee can touch every sides of the wall when you are moving. This is necessary to get spacious room for storing files which are often to be used before placing in the storing cupboard.

Third, is placing Air Conditioner near to the computer to make it works longer. When your computer works for many hours, the CPU will getting hotter and you need to make it cooler. It can be from the computer fan and also keeping the temperature in the room is cool. You also can work with nice temperature compare to the hot temperature.

Fourth, tips is arranging the stationery in the right place. You need to find stationery easily like highlighting the things when you are reading reports. Therefore, you need to place a small box for these stationery. Make sure that you arrange it nicely to make it easier to find quickly.

Choosing Right Chair and Table

computer desk design


Fifth, is adjusting the height of your chair with your table. Don’t let your leg are hanging on the chair since this situation will let the blood in your vessel will not run smoothly. Buying ultimate computer chair is recommended because you can make it one pack with your table and chair. You can get comfortable chair to make your back bone is comfortable during sitting. With right chair, you will be less having back pain.

Sixth, is making good separator. If you have many people in the same room, you should make a separator for each person. It can separate the belongings as well. This is so common in big office which has many workers.

Seventh, is creating some colors combination to make your room is not monotonous. You can place photo of your loved one on the table and even stick some motivation words near to the computer. This can increase your mood when getting tired of many pressures from the office.

Last, but not least is letting natural light enter to the room. Even you can hang the lights, but natural light will give essential energy when working in the morning.

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