8 Best of Shabby Chic Livingroom Decorations

Need any fresh home decorating ideas living room? There are eight best shabby chic decoration ideas to create cozy and beautiful livingroom.

1. White is always the best color

black and white interior


The best and the easiest thing to create comfortable shabby chic livingroom is to choose white as the main color. White is neutral color that will make you easier to create chic looks. You can also easily combine white walls and white furniture with any kind of chich decoration.

2. Wood element

black and white wood


Another signature of shabby chic decoration is wood elements. Some people would love to have hardwood for the floor. The natural brown color will easily go with the shabby chich theme and makes the living room warner. Another wood element can be applied to the furniture and room accessories.

3. Outdoor details

outdoor livingroom


To improve the look of your shabby chic livingroom you can bring some outdoor details. It is pretty easy and low budget, you can use old patio furniture like table and chairs. Repaint the furniture in white and match them to your livingroom furniture.

4. Flower print

interior design for living room


Have all whites for the interior design for living room can create monotone and boring look. What if add some colors? The best idea is to have flower print to color the room. Choose reddish and pastel flower pattern color for the cushion of your sofa or fresh green and flower pattern for the curtain.

5. Live plans decoration

perfect livingroom


Shabby chic is always identical with fresh and simple garden. Bring it into your perfect livingroom. You can have a vas to place some fresh flower. For simpler ideas is to display some pot with live green plans.

6. A little bit of blue

blue livingroom


Give some touch of something blue can create fresh atmosphere. What’s something blue? You can paint the background of your livingroom with pastel blue color. You can also have some blue touch to the furniture, such as light blue chair or blue flower print.

7. Warm lighting

Warm lighting


To create warmer atmosphere, you can install some warm lighting installation. If you want to have lighting fixture in the corner or on the table, make sure you choose classic but simple look and go with the shabby chic ideas.

8. Transparent window

Transparent window


The last but not least idea is to create natural look to your livingroom. The best idea is to install glass window. Build a large window to create perfect access to nature. It will also create fresh atmosphere in the day. The sunshine that comes into your livingroom will create different look every time. How about the window designs? Make its simple like rectangular shape with white wooden frames. You can also create square pattern to the glass for more attractive look.

Another idea is to create circle window. It can be a nice idea for a large livingroom that has small aisle. A circle glass window can create amazing effect to the decoration, especially when you build it point to west or east. The sunshine will go through the window and create beautiful shadow. Just match you shabby chic idea to the right interior designs for living rooms.

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