8 Best Bathroom Picture with Interesting Ideas

Bathroom picture can show you if your bathroom is already functional and comfortable enough. You need more than just effective things inside the room. You also want it to be comfortable so you can enjoy relaxing bath at the end of the day. The following ideas are recommended by popular designers to add function and comfort in your bathroom.

1. Vanity with Furniture Style

wood furniture design


Vanity is a major part in bathroom interior. It is on all bathrooms, big and small. For better functions, you should consider furniture style vanity that will store your towels or several toiletries like razors and the cream, new toothbrushes and the toothpaste, and other stuff.

2. Ultra Dark Wall

wall art designs


For small bathroom, ultra dark wall shade will be perfect. This will add tall and more spacious look of the room. Instead of going boring with plain dark paint, you should consider using dark background wallpaper featuring brighter object like snow or frozen woods. It is dramatic, comforting, and making the room sophisticated.

3. Skirt

italian bathroom vanities


Yes, make a skirt and cover your bathroom issue like pedestal sink. You can cover the rest of it with a nice cloth sewed in skirt. It surprisingly is effective to hide your new storage under the skirt too. You can put boxes of supplies there and no one will know.

4. Underfoot Style

nice bathroom ideas


Change your floor. If you want an instant change, it can be done on only one aspect of your bathroom. Changing your floor into more stylish and modern tiles will be great. Pick one that shapes nice patterns with matching color for the best look. You will love it.

5. Glass Effect

futuristic bathroom


Glass makes a bathroom comfortable and functional, and it also adds expensive look in the room too. Beside your mirror, you may need glass to separate your shower space or the toilet. Pick something modern and simple, and easy to clean. It will be practical, helping, and nice to look at.

6. Mosaic Wall Tiles

textured accent wall


This is not a new idea, but it can be used until now. Instead of going all plain, you should add accent with mosaic tiles for one or two sides of your bathroom wall. Choose brave combination for a little creativity touch. Choose tile with durability and nice surface for easy maintenance.

7. Clean and Clear Countertop

unique countertop ideas


Fresh and clean bathroom is the one everyone wants. Put your toiletries and the clutters out of sight. Provide enough storage for it and make it hidden. Leave your countertop with only fresh smelling flowers and some soaps and lotion on it. It is clean and comforting in the same way.

8. Open Shelves

letter shelves


On several recommended photos of bathrooms, you will find open shelves that maximize functions on vacant walls, and add accent in the bathroom. You can literally put personal things like one or two books, flowers in vases, and other stuffs. It looks modern and efficient, and it gets the look you want.

All of those ideas don’t need big remodeling. In fact, you should pick only one that fits well on your bathroom condition. You can combine one or two ideas at once for elaborated change if you want too. Choose wisely so it adds both function and comfort. The right choice will add sophistication on your bathroom picture.

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