5 Tips to Decorate Tropical Patio on Budget

When people see the images of patios in various sources whether in the decoration magazine or on the internet, maybe they will get inspired to have the house which is completed with the beautiful patio. We can make sure that the patio which is decorated properly will add the value of the house. It will enhance the beauty of the house of course. The most important thing is that it will increase the function of the house. Well decorated patio can add the seating area in the house. There is no question that it can also be entertaining area in the house. There must be so many kinds of patio which people can consider but people surely will be tempted with the lanai which is the tropical patio which people usually can find in Hawaii. However, some people maybe will consider about their dream for building lanai in their home because there must be a lot of money which should be spent. In fact, building beautiful lanai does not have to be expensive. There are some tips which people can use for creating affordable and beautiful lanai at home.

1. Furniture Bargain Hunter

contemporary wood furniture


From so many lanai decorating ideas which people can find, the most challenging thing which should be faced by people is the way for getting the beautiful furniture which can be placed in lanai. Furniture can take a lot of money from their budget for building a lanai. If people want to get the beautiful furniture for their lanai, they should consider being a bargain hunter. They have to find the bargain source to get the right furniture which can make their lanai beautiful without breaking the bank.

2. Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint


The next thing which people can do for getting the beautiful lanai is applying fresh paint to the pillars, beams, as well as ceiling. For example, the shade of structure can be given to the patio by applying black for the pillars and beams while the ceiling should be covered with tan color.

3. Plants Bargain

Plants Bargain


Plants surely become the next important item which people should consider if they want to create a great lanai. Bargain plants can be a great solution for people who do not want to spend too much money for getting a great lanai.

4. Recycled Furniture

Recycled Furniture


If people do not want to buy the brand new furniture for lanai because it can spend a lot of money, they can simply save money by using recycled furniture. All that people have to do is just replacing the cushion cover with the new one with fresher color.

5. Flooring Choice

Flooring Choice


The floor of the lanai will also play very important role for creating a great patio with tropical touch. Coloring the concrete floor can be a great idea. The grey concrete will look warmer when it is painted in terrazzo. However, it does not mean that people always have to use concrete floor for their lanai. If they see many photos of decks, they actually can also get a great idea from the photo for their lanai flooring which is made from the hardwood for instance. Last but not least, people must not forget about using mood lighting such as lanterns or tall candle stick.

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