4 Awesome Color Tones for Your Sitting Rooms

Sitting rooms can be one of the most important rooms in your house because it is the place where you can be together with your family. Beside of that, you can occasionally host your guests in the room as well. If you want to design your sitting rooms perfectly, you need to choose the right tones for the room. Below are some tips for you so you can practice them when you designing or redesigning your house.

1. Warm Tones Sitting Rooms

sitting room designs


First idea is to use warm tones. If you want to use warm tones for your living room, good for you because warm tones are great to create beautiful mixture of colors in your room. Use soft warm colors like cucumber-green. It is strong yet soft color. It is just perfect. Then, you can combine the color with yellow furniture or pieces. You can also combine the cucumber-green color with orange furniture. The orange or yellow furniture can be the include arm chairs, the artwork, or even the throw pillows. All the color scheme mentioned above are just playful, warm, and great. It is also subtle and great on the eyes.

2. English Country Tones Sitting Rooms

sitting room design


For the room interior that use English Country tones, you can have red, blue, green, or or gray toile. The color scheme can be applied on the patterned wallpaper, the shabby-chic furniture, or the china on the cabinet. You need to have splashed color to accompany the natural tones in the room. As the result, you will have a great looking room without the impression of too busy colors. It will be just amazing and beautiful.

3. French Country Tones Sitting Rooms

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You can see a lot of photos of living room here but whether it is living room or sitting room, you can design it with French country color tones. This kind of color tones is combining pattern like stripes or abstract with neutral color. You need to add more vintage color and more shabby chic furniture. Have the furniture in deep red colors or the blue accent colors. This kind of room needs something really interesting and eye drawing like elegant drapes and of course a huge glass chandelier on the ceiling.

4. Contemporary Tones Sitting Rooms

contemporary sitting room


To have a contemporary color on the room, you need to stay minimalist but creative. As the base, you can have neutral tones. Choose beautiful neutral colors like dark brown, beige, or gray. Three of them are really interesting and can be used to lighten the room. For the furniture, it is clear that you must choose the furniture with smooth surface and straight lines. Using furniture that is completed by carvings or embroidery will not match the contemporary style of the room. Choose the more modern furniture like L-shaped couch. It can be in the color of beige. Complete it with throw-pillows colored in dark gray. Last but not least, use a dark brown coffee table in rectangular shape and made from wood for your sitting rooms.

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