11 Home Interiors Design Trends to Expect in 2016

There are several particular home interiors design trends which will be huge this year. If you are planning to redecorate your house, or having a renovation, you should consider using the following trends. They should make every room looks updated and very fashionable in current timely scenario.

1. Kitchen with a Mix of Material

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As mentioned on Houzz before, kitchen this year will bear eclectic look. If we find most kitchen interior design with combination of two materials, we should expect more in combination on this year trend. You should see opposing styles and finishes are mixed to each other. A kitchen with rustic wood ceiling, subway tiles covering the backsplash area, white countertop, and an old rug covering some part of the floor will make the right example of it. It allows homeowners to personalize the interior decorating.

2. Living Room Inspired Bath

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Yes, people start to appreciate bathroom even more than before. It explains why there were lot developments on bathroom design last year. People like to spend more time there for private or intimate moments. Considering this, they will like to put more comfort in the bathroom. Don’t be surprised if you find a bathroom with a nice single sofa and a tea table inside or maybe an ottoman so owner can use the lotion in comfort. This may felt weird at first, but you’ll like it too.

3. Fireplace as Centerpiece

Living Room with Less Tech


We used to find TV as the centerpiece of a home interior décor especially in living room. We shouldn’t find this anymore this year. Instead of TV, people will prefer on fireplace as the centerpiece interior decorating. Designers will tend to arrange and set the furniture and other accents adjusting to the fireplace. You will also find so many new unusual designs of it as options. The fireplace doesn’t necessarily have to be functioning but it has to be attractive and unique. If you are remodeling your living room, consider this point.

4. Living Room with Less Tech

Living Room


Now this comes back in trend. As people start to aware on their too-tech-life and to fix it, living room will be tech less. You should expect total change on this part. We shouldn’t place even TV on a living room. Perhaps, you should prepare for a TV room when you want to watch it. There will be more sets of sofa and chairs, conventional games, and other non gadget details. This should be a room to support family quality time after all. It’s a nice thing.

5. Bidet

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Yes, bidet will be on trend as interiors furniture. This may sound strange but it is already showing the indications of being a trend. More and more bathroom features bidet nowadays. People like to have it interior decorating right next to their toilet. You should find many reputable brands release their own version of bidets, and it carries advanced plumbing integration and added features too. The trend should begin in cities with serious spread to the other areas. Selling number on this property already confirms its popularity. Besides being updated, this should serve you nicely though.

6. Statement Mirror on Bathroom



The time for common rectangular mirror in bathroom has changed. Bathroom will feature statement mirror with varieties on shapes and designs. Many designers like this too since it enhances the appeal of your bathroom not to mention enriching an overlooked corner of the space. Size shouldn’t really matter, but you should be able to find the right shape of your mirror to have it properly. The other good news is this trend should suit people across ages and styles at once. You can literally personalize it.

7. Entryway with Heated Floors



This is another brilliant idea that will be trend this year. Heated floors should sound normal and reasonable for bathroom. However, the idea of using heated floors on your entryway is to immediately offer comfort and warm of the house to your chilling feet. These heated floors should be fitting especially during winter. This shouldn’t be too beneficial during the summer though, but it shouldn’t matter as we can activate and deactivate the floors electronically. Expect more and more houses featuring these floors on its entryway.

8. Kitchen Cabinets in Mismatched Style

Kitchen Cabinet


Single color on kitchen cabinets used to be the only things we can think about until last year. Things will be different this year though. Instead of being consistent, kitchen cabinet will feature several styles and combine it together. If you can do it right, it will make a stunning look. In addition to it, the texture and details enrich a plain kitchen. So, if you want an updated looking kitchen, you should consider refinish several of your cabinets in different styles. It should give you the look.

9. Formal Dining Room

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This is also predicted as one of trends to happen this year. More and more home owners decided not to change their formal dining room into other rooms like a study or media room. They keep the formal dining room and they make it even more formal with elegant dining table set, formal patterned rug and curtain, sophisticated décor details and other things. Casual dining room will still be on high demand, but the formal one should highlight the trend with the entire details on its décor that represent matching look.

10. Kitchen with Black Stainless Steel

Black Stainless Steel


Kitchen has been developed widely. There was time when we will like kitchen appliances on pastel color. This year, things will be different. Black stainless steel color should be this year trend on kitchen appliances. You should expect many brands release kitchen appliances like fridge, toaster, food processor, etc., on this particular color. To be more specific, it will be the polished and sleek black stainless steel color. It represents modern and sturdy look, which is nice for a kitchen.

11. Natural Breeze Design in Your House

garden home interiors


Well, garden home interiors also can be considered option if you want some freshnatural atmosphere in your home. People love to add some garden interior design in their house. They do home & garden home interior to get relaxed after working in busy office. For the color, they will definitely go for the green, yellow, or blue.

As you can see above, this year is going to have mighty trend indeed. Everything seems to be so modern or so elegant and nothing is in the middle. You may want to hire an interior designer to handle this job to you. Sometimes, it will be a little challenging to combine celebrated home interiors designers to in room décor concept.

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